B52 is the best place for helping you strive in your online business. We aim to help many different companies all over the world grow their business using simple and effective techniques. Whether you are a brand new business starting from scratch or an existing business in need of a freshening up, we have an ongoing support team right here for you.

We are unique in that we can help your online business grow and succeed in a variety of different ways. We offer an array of diverse support in 3 main areas that every company needs a little more help with when it comes to success. The 3 main areas we strive to help you with are:

Designing and building clean, professional powered websites to fit in perfectly with your brand. From international portals to e-commerce websites, we’ve developed them all. We live and breathe websites and our experienced web developers are not only excellent at building websites, we are also pretty good at listening too. We listen to you the customer and what your company needs, so that way we get a clear understanding of your brand and how we can positively engage the correct target audience.

Helping your business come out on top with regards to the best domain selection for your company. We’ve been investing in domains since the late nineties, with a portfolio that numbers in the many thousands of names. The front door to every online presence is the domain name that houses it but what do you do if the name you need for your project or online business has been taken by someone else? Is there a second best? Will that make the cut? B52 is where the unique blend of domain investing and online development that we have pioneered and built over the years steps in to help you.

We like to top that off with excellent and quality marketing strategies offered to you by our trained and experienced marketing consultants. We can solve it for you. If you are looking to start a new online presence or streamline an existing one, our in-house expertise will deliver the exact solution you need for your organization. We offer high-level consulting services to companies looking to streamline and automate their processes. No matter whether you are a small start-up business or a non-profit organization, online shopping store or corporate intranet, we can hone and speed up everyday workplace issues. We will advise, improve and design to your exact requirements, as well as providing ongoing customer support and maintenance.

We understand that not every company will need help with all of these 3 areas, so we like to advertise them individually throughout our website. This way, which ever area you need a little more help with; you can find the correct information and get in touch with us from there.